Resume of Dr. Sidney L Poe


      In July 1985 Dr. Sidney L Poe and family, wife Barbara, daughters Darla Rene (15) and Darnelle Rachal (14) joined the faculty of Jackson College of Ministries as the Dean of Christian Education and joined the Mississippi District of the UPCI.  He transferred to Mississippi from the Virginia District, after founding and pastoring a church in Blacksburg VA, on the campus of Va Tech University where he served as a Department Head. 


A brief listing of activities in ministry in the UPCI an MS District is as follows:

1985-1994 Dean Christian Education and Instructor JCM

1986 - Ordained by the District Board of the MSD, May 7. 

1988-2009 – Prepared teaching materials and became a trainer for licensing ministers at the Local, General and Ordained levels. 

1988 – Wrote the constitution for founding the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools (ACTS), Division of Education UPCI,

1988-2009 - Wrote school accreditation and teacher certification guidelines and served as Certification Officer and Associate Executive Director of the ACTS Board of Directors.

1989 – Selected as Secretary, Sunday School Department, MSD.

1991 – Selected to preview potential for developing Christian Schools (ACE) in the Soviet Union

1993 – Selected as Pastor of UPC, Richland, MS served to 1995.

1994 – Appointed Editor of the Mississippi Torch, served until 1997.

1994-1998 - Director & trainer for Alcohol & Chemical Treatment Series

1995-97 - Hosted workshops for training Christian writers

1997 – Selected as Director of Sunday School Department served to 2001

            Second Christian Education (ACE) school visit to former Soviet Union countries

1996 – 2009 - Adjunct Faculty member Apostolic Bible Institute, St Paul MN

1998 –Founded Global Training Institute and Interaction with leaders of FMD of UPCI to work with missionaries to educate and train faculty in Bible schools in foreign lands.

1998-2009 - Train the Trainers programs for Bible school faculty development in over 30 countries on five continents (write curriculum lessons, raise funds, travel to training centers and facilitate workshops and courses as a GTI leader and trainer.

2006 – Faculty member Apostolic Leadership Institute, Worchester MA

2008 – Appointed to Council of the Global Association of Theological Studies.



Comments prepared for the Council of Global Association of Theological Studies


What uniquely suits you to be a blessing to Education in Bible schools and GATS globally?


  • Ordained minister in good standing with the UPCI, Mississippi District.

  • Called and gifted by God to research, prepare lessons, and teach members of His flock.

  • Experience in educational institutions, strategic program planning, and evaluation. 

  • Interest and experience in educating and training students at all levels high school through university.

  • Flexible schedule, self employed, self supporting,

  • Available to travel when and where needed.


 Identify personal experience or educational qualifications in the educational field.


  • BS in Biological Sciences, Education; MS, and Ph.D. degrees.

  • 25 years in higher education: Prof at the U. of Fla., Prof and Dept Head at Va Tech.

  • Developed and taught undergraduate and graduate courses;

  • Taught and trained students at all degree levels: bachelors, M.S., and Ph.D. 

  • Wrote, published, and presented numerous scientific research articles at national and         international meetings.



Christian Service:


  • Served as Dean of Christian Education, Jackson College of Ministries; 9 years.

  • Developed curriculum and taught courses for students in Bible, religious studies, CE, missions, and theology.

  • Adjunct professor at Apostolic Bible Institute, St Paul, presently teach courses in Christian Ethics, Major Prophets, Ed Psych, Theories of Personality, and Human Growth and Development.

  • Faculty member of annual Apostolic Leadership Institute, New England, teach course on Honoring God’s Word: principles of hermeneutics and methods of personal Bible study.

  • Experience with Sunday school curriculum, workshops and seminar training programs

  • Experience with Home Missions ACTS training program development and teaching.

  • Involved with FMD in founding and implementing Global Training Institute to serve as a self supported teaching and training resource for educational programs of missionaries around the world.

  • Working with missionaries on location, have taught training lessons in over 30 countries    since 1998.

  • Pastor Experience: two churches, Home Mission church in Blacksburg, VA, and 2 years UPC       Richland, MS


Partial List of courses, mini courses, seminars and workshops   


Christian Education                         


      Principles of Christian Education                         Principles of Teaching

      Educational Psychology                                       Methods of Teaching & Learning

      Learning styles                                                      Personality Theory and Types

      Human Growth and Development                       Personal Discipleship & Spiritual Growth                  Children, Youth & Adult Ministries                                                                                 


Bible and Theology


      Hermeneutics                                                        Bible Survey                                                   Major Prophets                                                Gospels; Life of Christ                                  

      Acts of the Apostles                                             Romans                                                           Pauline Epistles                                                Pastoral Epistles                                              General Epistles                                              Systematic Theology                                       Incarnation & Human Biology                                   Creation Science and Humanity


Christian Service Training


      Discipleship Ministries                                          Ethics in Relationships

      Personality Theory                                                Moral Purity               

      Marriage & Family Relationships                        Parenting & Educating Children       

      Basic Financial Management