The Bio of Rev. Cecil Greenway

He is 90 years of age and has lived and served almost his entire life for the Lord. He grew up in South Arkansas. His mom and dad received the Holy Ghost early in their lives and his dad was a farmer, he lived during the Great Depression and told many stories about it. He wanted to be a farmer until he received his call to preach the gospel. He loved hunting and fishing with his brothers.
He received the baptism of the Holy Ghost when his future father-in-law, Rev. John W.
Rucks came through preaching a revival and shortly after He received his call to preach.  He knew his wife, Dorothy Rucks most of his life, she was a very talented singer and musician and when he was about 8 or 10 years old, he said one day I will marry her. He likes to tell the story  that on their Honeymoon he preached his first revival.  The year she passed away, 2010, they had celebrated 60 years together. They have two daughters, Pam Hodge, married to Pastor David Hodge of Savannah, Ga and Patty Childers married to Pastor Kenny Childers of Starkville, MS. They have six grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren.
Bro. Greenway started two churches which are thriving today and pastored five.
Star City, Arkansas, Dexter,Mo, West Memphis, Ark, West Helena, Ark, and his
last Pastorate was in Tupelo, MS, Cedar Grove Pentecostal Church, where he pastored
for 30 years. He has served as a evangelist, youth director, Presbyter and He was very active with Harvestime as southeast regional director for many years.
When he was 86 years old,  I knew he was starting to forget things so I sat down with
him and asked him a few questions. I will only list a few things below.
I asked dad what did you believe about yourself that helped you become successful
and deal with hard times? he said I didn't realize we didn't have enough, we always had
cornbread and milk and butter and my dad had a T-model truck.
I asked, in your life when you were truly tested, what did you learn about yourself?
He said, "In a quiet, but confident voice, Trust God".
What is the best decision you made in life?  I gave my life to the Lord and accepted my
call into the ministry.
Dad, what are you most proud of in life? The knowlege of the Word of God, the doors He 
opened for me, my two daughters and my family and when I see the handiwork of God in healing people and the feeling I have when I baptize someone. Dad, has been in ministry 70 years.

I asked dad, if you had one more sermon to preach to everyone what would it be about?
He said, Don't lose the key to life.  God gave Peter the Key of life.
I asked, Dad, how would you like to be remembered?  that people would know I believed
and held to this gospel of Jesus Christ, upheld the gospel and pastored 5 churches.