Rev. Glynn Hilton

On Wednesday night, January 25, 1989, Rev. Glynn Hilton mounted the pulpit for the first time as the pastor of Monticello Pentecostal Church, formerly known as Rock Hill Pentecostal Church, in Monticello, Ms.

 When Bro. Hilton became the pastor, there was no baptistery in the facility, so any baptisms were done in a creek.  He was responsible for restructuring the layout of the building and a new sanctuary a few years later.

 Not only has Bro. Hilton filled the role as pastor from behind the pulpit, but he has ministered to many outside the four walls of the church.  He and his wife, Sis. Marie Hilton, have made many sacrifices of time and effort to be with those who were sick, in hospitals, suffering the loss of family members or needing them for any reason.

 His extension of kindness and concern has not been limited to the church family, but he is well-known throughout the community as being there for anyone who has a need. 

 He is held in high esteem and is known and respected by everyone around.  His association with people in various positions and statuses in Lawrence County and other nearby areas has definitely had a positive impact upon them through his friendship.  He is a great example to everyone who knows him.

Over twenty years ago, Bro. Hilton had a vision of a new church on a hill.  Through connections with a certain family, the Lord made it possible for the church to acquire land on which to build a new facility on a hill, on a major highway and at a minimal comparative cost. In each stage of construction, many businesses and individuals donated the use of equipment, materials, labor and even made monetary contributions to assist in the culmination of “The Miracle On The Hill”. 

 After many years, the dream has been accomplished.  

On June 24th, at 2:00 p.m., Bro. Hilton and Sis. Hilton and the church family joined together in this beautiful facility for their first service. There were approximately 375 people in attendance, which included members of area churches as well as townspeople. 


Bro. Glynn Hilton has been the pastor of Monticello Pentecostal Church for twenty-nine years, which is the longest reported tenure.  Not only is there a “Miracle On The Hill” in the structure of a new church, but by faith, there will be revival with souls coming to truth and receiving the Holy Ghost.  This will be the fulfillment of Bro. Hilton’s ultimate dream, for souls to be saved.