George Washington Roberts born December 10, 1910 (88 years young)

Received the Holy Ghost in 1933 at age of 23 (66 years)

Mary McCann born April 17, 1915 (84 years young)

Receive the Holy Ghost in 1926 at age of 11 (70 years)


Married May 9, 1933 George was 23 and Mary was 18


Attended Harper Tabernacle between Walnut Grove and Carthage until it burned. 

Then, they didn’t have a church to attend for 12 years.

Sister Roberts and other ladies started prayer meetings in Carthage and Reverend Elzie Hall came to pastor this group. Bro Robert was the only man in the church when the first Carthage church was built. 

Later they pastored the Carthage Church for a short time.

Then Pastored: Tallulah, La

Carthage, MS for 17 years

Bethlehem for 4 years at ages 64-68

Started the church at Walnut Grove at age 68 and pastored for 18years. He built the church at Walnut Grove virtually by himself.


Just at the time the Walnut Grove Church building was started, Bro and Sister Roberts were in an automobile accident and both were hospitalized. Sister Roberts stated in the hospital for 95 days.


Bro Roberts was a contractor and built the parsonage at Carthage for J. E. Anderson when he was district superintendent. He also built the parsonage at the old Arlington campgrounds near Philadelphia when Buford Miller was district superintendent.


Served as sectional presbyter for one year.


In the 1960's while pastoring Carthage, the Roberts were very active in Sheaves for Christ. Always supported the district in all the district functions.


Served as Senior Pastor at Walnut Grove. Whenever there are sectional or district meeting you will see Bro and Sister Roberts. Also, you would see them at homecoming and anniversary services, Bro and Sister Roberts were faithful to attend and support their many friends across the MS District.


We salute them for their faithfulness to the MS District and to the work of God.