Glen Ray Travis was born in Walthall County, near Tylertown, MS, on August 8, 1938 to Tom J. and Lena Dillon Travis. 

He was the youngest son. 

Schools attended include: Dexter near Tylertown, New Orleans, and McComb High School.


    His family were dedicated Christians and attended the State Line United Pentecostal Church pastored by Reverend Earl Carney. Bro Travis received the Holy Ghost on June 22, 1950 under the preaching of Evangelist Arlie Holmes.


    At the age of seventeen (1955) he heard the call of God loud and clear to preach the gospel. A young teenager with a great desire to please God, motivated him to face his calling.  On February 1, 1958, Rev. Travis was married to Delilah Keene. After three years of evangelizing, doors opened and he was elected to his first pastorate in Bogalusa, LA. However Mississippi call him back home and in 1960 at the age of 22 he was elected pastor at Powell's Grove, Jayess, MS and pastored for four years.  In late 1963, he was elected at New Chapel, Collins, MS and pastored for 6 years. In 1969, North Mississippi called and he was elected at Corinth, MS.  He took his family and moved to Vicksburg where he pastored for 17 years.


    From their blessed union, Rev. and Mrs. Travis brought into this world three daughters: Bonita Travis Prince, Virginia Travis Majors, and Wanda Travis Marshall. Bro. and Sis. Travis currently have seven grandchildren.


    Rev. Travis has served the Mississippi District in several leadership capacities. His service has ranged from Sectional Youth Director, District Youth Secretary, District Youth President, Sectional Presbyter, and District Secretary. Bro. Travis has served the Mississippi District as District Superintendent from November 18, 1981 to the present. During his time as District Superintendent, the Mississippi District United Pentecostal Church has seen much increase and manifold blessing. 


    Brother Travis appointed various committees to assist in the district work. He has served on the Board of Nursing under Gov. Cliff Finch. The board of Director of TCM and the TCM Trustee Board, He also serves on the Ministers Retirement Fund (MRF) Board and has preached numerous Youth Camps, Camp Meeting , and General Conferences.