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Coy Hill was born Jan 30, 1938 in McNairy County Tennessee, in a House beside the Beauty Hill Pentecostal Church.


Both parents being Apostolic Ministers, the only life I ever knew was the Church.

August 29, 1948, in a cow pasture pond, at Ball Hill, near Ingomar, MS, where my father was preaching a Revival I was Baptized in the Name of Jesus & received the Holy Ghost.


The crowd gathered that Sunday afternoon to rejoice with 2 people to be Baptized, God began to move 30 were Baptized & 12 received the Holy Ghost.


Being raised in a Pastors home, became involved in various ministries at an early age, preached some revivals in the panhandle of Florida in the early 1960’s, moved from the State of Florida to north Mississippi in 1964 to begin our business in Amory, MS, of which we opened in 1966, became licensed with the UPCI, was Ordained in 1967, Became Pastor in Amory in January of 1968.


The business was vital in supporting our family & ministry, in 1978 we purchased 26 acres of land in Amory, moved to the new property in 1979, continued to build our Sanctuary of which it was completed debt free.


In the year 2000, Bro Stan Blaylock was elected Pastor with a transition period.

Through those years we had Ministers to go forth numbering in the mid 20’s, 


Had the privilege of serving Section 2, as Presbyter, for 36 yrs., during those years we were able to serve some other Churches who were going through some difficult times & help them to get established & see they are doing well today.


On a mission to reach men in our community through activities led to a burden for a ministry to men in our District, of which our Superintendent Bro G R Travis & our District Board allowed us to reach out to some of our Brethren who joined us in starting the Men’s Ministry, Mississippi 

District, of which it is doing great & still touching & changing lives!


It has been a privilege to work in our District, in many areas, during the Katrina Storm devastation   


We were privileged to be a partner in establishing Outreach Services International.

Also, the Missions, helping to build a Bible School in Central America, along with building several Churches on foreign soil.


During our years we were able to work with some small Church Groups also in other Districts, also served on various committees in the District.


It was a privilege to serve on the District Planning Committee & also other areas through the years.


Having served on the Board of Directors for the Tupelo Children’s Mansion for many years has been joyful & a fulfilling experience. As well as working closely with New Beginnings Family Services!