Charles Harold Triplett

(C. H. Triplett)

Date of Birth: 8-4-1947

Charles Harold Triplett grew up in Pascagoula, MS with his parents H.V. Triplett – father, Kate Triplett – mother, Steve Triplett – brother, Pamela Triplett –sister. He attended First Pentecostal Church there during his childhood years.

Married Connie Piper 9-16-1967

Graduated from Pentecostal Bible Institute May 1968

He then became the youngest Christmas for Christ missionary to be sent from Home Missions.

Rev. and Mrs. Triplett established a church in Rocky Mount, NC in April 1969. Soon after arriving in Rocky Mount, the church doubled in size when they welcomed twins Nathan and Dathan. The Triplett family pastored there until September 1971.

In September 1971, Rev. Triplett became an associate pastor in Natchez, MS. After the pastor, Rev. Fuller, retired he became the pastor in 1972. In September 1972, the Triplett family welcomed their youngest son, Andy. The Natchez church saw tremendous growth under Rev. Triplett’s leadership and established a legacy that is still held in great regard to this day.

He served one term as Youth Secretary for the Mississippi district UPCI.

He served as District Secretary for the Mississippi district UPCI prior to Rev. D. L.Spears.

Rev. Triplett continued to pastor the church in Natchez, MS until his death in March 1986.

Date of Death: 3-1-1986